Legends by Leslie Lee 

The Signature Theatre Company

Pershing Signature Center, NYC


By Dewey Allen

Published by  The Golden Striker:

March 16, 2014


The Negro Ensemble Company a staged reading on Leslie Lee play "Legends"  directed by Charles Weldon. The cast was wonderful...but Kimberlyn Avon hit her mark on the stage of the Signature Theater and with class and command as she introduced the audience to Betty Mims. ... Ms. Avon gave Betty Mims a quick-wittedness of life; you never thought she was acting.  Ms. Avon presented Betty as the “Grand Dame” of the East Village who lived in an East Village boarding house with an assortment of likable characters who respected her wisdom, strength and her love for partying. 



New theater festival opens in Harlem


Special to the AmNews | 2/1/2012, 6:30 p.m.

"Poof!" written by award-winning playwright Nottage,...directed by Charles Weldon, followed the reaction of a battered wife after she screams at her husband, damning him to hell, at which point he self-ignites and turns into a pile of ashes. Wife, Laureen, played by Kimberlyn Crawford, emerges from behind a chair in their living room in shock and disbelief.


What follows is a testament to Nottage's playwriting talent and Crawford's skilled capability to play a range of varied emotions, including surprise, fear, horror, doubt and later happiness and humor when she accepts her husband's untimely demise as a reality.



Review Summary for Savannah Black & Blue

A Woman’s Tough Climb to the Police Force


Published: November 12, 2009


Directed by the troupe’s artistic director, Charles Weldon, the play traces the ascent of Savannah (Ciera Payton) from a childhood in the projects — raised by a flinty mother (Thyais Welch) and feisty grandmother (a funny Kimberlyn Crawford), and adored by her dad (Tomike Lee Ogugua), a feckless bookie — to a post in the narcotics division.


Thanks for visiting my website. It has been an amazing journey. I have been taking classes to continue my success in this industry of acting. Thank you Shane Ann Younts my voice and speech coach for a time well spent with you. 


                                                   Kimberlyn Avon


Kimberlyn's Bio...

From a very young age I was performing. My grandmother raised me in a small town called Sanford, Florida. She was a "church going" woman, so natural, I was in church all day long. When I say all day long, I mean from Sunday school to night service.  I participated in every activity imaginable especially childrens choir to every church presentation.  The pastor would alway call me to sing a song, recite a poem, and speak to the congregation about what I had read from the bible.


When my grandmother passed, I moved to Tampa, Florida to live with my aunt. I attended H.B. Plant High school where I found my solace by singing in the chorus at what we called “Tampa Plant;” and where I was voted most likely to succeed in Music. My musical accomplishments were recognized in the Who's Who Book Among High School Students. I Graduated from Tampa, Plant and attended Florida State University to Major in Music.


I decided after a year at Florida State University that I wanted to major in Art and Communications.  So I took as many classes that I could in all areas. Since the theatre department was in our building I took those classes as well. I ended up getting my degree in Visual Communications with an emphasis in Studio Art.


My love for theatre continued once I graduated and went overseas to Kaiserslautern, Germany with my then husband.  In Germany I was in several plays including, The Wiz, Don't Bother Me I Can't Cope, and many more. 


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